5 Instagram feeds you’ll love to browse this weekend!

If you’re a shutterbug yourself, chances are you are already following them. If not these are the Instagram profiles you need to follow for some serious inspiration.

A photo posted by Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage) on


Travel photographer with an ultimate style quotient

Jessica Stein, a 23 year old blogger from Australia believes that world is her oyster. It’s enthralling to see how she started documenting her European travels through her photographs and became an inspiration for many photographers, travel and style enthusiasts. She owns a Canon 5D Mark ||    

A photo posted by Aaron Huey (@argonautphoto) on


Documentary photographer & a photojournalist

His photos are nothing less than incredible! Aaron Huey is a Nat Geo photographer and a Harper’s Bazar contributor. From wildlife to snow capped mountains and faces of every living being. He has an eye for everything that inhabits the mother Earth. List of his publications is really looooong. Huey owns a gallery in Los Angeles and has received several awards in his field  


Street photographer with a knack for beautiful portraits

J. Quazi King with his portraits seems to capture the energy in his subject. The street photographer turned fashion photographer is a must-follow on Instagram if you are looking to hone your fashion photography skills.


Still life photographer and a  web developer

Marcus Rodriguez is a must-must follow if you’re someone who loves stylized photography. This web developer with his passion for photography stepped out of his comfort zone, leaving behind landscapes and acing the art of still-life photography. His love for antiques makes sure every element in his picture retains it’s essence in these beautifully arranged compositions. Plus he has great tips in every post.   


An ethereal designer & photographer

Paul Octavious is a Chicago based photographer and designer. He has worked for Nike, Wired, Print, Mercedes among others. Octavious is a man who believes that working for your own happiness is the best thing to do. His surreal photographes are all the magic your insta freed needs right now!

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