How to launch a creative business in Singapore ? Let’s hear it from a creative entrepreneur!

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As one of the Startup hubs of Asia, Singapore makes for a easy choice for anyone looking to set up a creative shop. We caught up with Ruyi Gan MD of Create Pictures recently to know about her journey as a create entrepreneur and a part time sketch artist. Ruyi works with a team of producers, writers and film makers and recently collaborated with Photomoolah to create content for Shiseido. So if you are aspiring to be a creative entrepreneur in Singapore, Ruyi’s advice might come in handy:

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5 Ways to make money on Instagram!

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We’ve had photographers asking us many times on what is the right price for an Instagram photo. While this is debatable as it purely depends on the quality of content, the  story and no. of followers you have. It’s no surprise that brands are now dedicating a substantial percentage of their social media budget to Instagram. So what does this mean for you ?

Here are some ways to turn your pictures into profits :

1.Quality Vs quantity

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This creative director combines photos to make Humorous Juxtapositions

Okay so we could not help not write about Stephen McMennamy an Atlanta based art director who combines everyday objects into humorous combination art.

Combo photos features pairs of pictures combined in a single image – the subjects are mostly everyday objects like cars, animals, trees and even food. The differentiator here is that McMennamy actually shoots the objects instead of using stock photography and we can imagine how much conceptualization would go behind this collection.

Check out his cool combo collection on Instagram

Are you a photographer/ artist or a film maker ?

Create a free portfolio on Photomoolah and get exclusive access to photo contests and you might even land up with an exclusive creative project!

How to make a Cinemagraph


What’s a cinema graph ? We here this a lot from marketeers and photographers so we thought of compiling some basics about Cinemagraphs and why it is important for a creative to try making them. In simple words ” a cinema graph is an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly” It’s a fancy loop of animation that plays infinitely.

Since 60% of content we see on Facebook today is visual and brands are looking at ways to create thumb stopping content to get audience attention towards their message. But what does this mean for the photographer today ?  It’s about time that we in the creative industry embrace new media types and this is one of the best formats we’ve seen in a while, coming from the creators of Cinemagraphs:

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What to post on Instagram: 8 ideas to spark inspiration today

Instagram isn’t just a go-to social network for individuals anymore. Wtih 500 million monthly active users marketeers are moving to this powerful visual social network to have their presence on. So what does this mean for a content creator like designer, illustrator , photographer or film maker? Interestingly, brands find value in collaborating with content creators on Instagram to bring their ideas to life on this creative platform where users want to see clutter breaking ad free content.

As a creative looking for collaboration opportunities on Instagram it is indeed critical to be authentic, cool and be able to create thumb stopping content through formats like photos, videos, GIFS. We’ve compiled a list of ideas to spark inspiration for your instagram photos –

1. I,me,myself – Instagram is a great platform for humanizing your creativity and keeping your personality intact. The pictures you share should reflect your online voice and even the emotion you want to share.


2. Repost from fans and followers – Some of the best photos you will find are often from your followers and supporters. Check out the posts people have tagged you in and if you like them do share them with your own followers. Not only this will make the poster feel great, it will also show that you’re open for cross collaborations.

3. Add some humour- The toughest skill today is to make people laugh and people are likely to enjoy and share your posts with others if you’re able to create content to match their mood. Check out how Daxon shares epic selfies with all sorts of creatures. 


4. Cool illustrations – Can’t take wow pictures ? No problem, Instagram is open for all types of artistic expressions. One way to stand out in a sea of images is to post a really cool, compelling illustration. Check out how this Indian SIngaporean artist creates visually stunning ink illustrations on absolutely any surface she gets hold of.  


5. Fun GIFS – GIFs are everywhere nowadays, and people love them because they help accurately convey ideas, messages, thoughts, and feelings in a snackable (and often laughable) way. On Instagram, you can upload a GIF just like you would a video.    


6.Crazy boomerang videos –  Remember doing rewind and forward with the music cassettes in your childhood ? The Boomerangs do exactly the same but to your videos. This trending format is making the internet go crazy. Download yours today and create something fun.


7. Creative collaborations – Know an artist who is creating something great ? The first step would be is to develop a relationship and genuinely love what they are doing. The next is to express your interest in collaboration and cross promote each other’s work to your audience.


8. Mosaics – Not many people are using this tactic but it’s really really cool for a visually orgasmic experience and give your followers a full flavour of what all you can do by using Instagram not just as a feed but more of a canvas.

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Want help in defining your instagram personality?  We’re happy to help!  Simply drop your email in the field below and our creative team will get back to you for a free creative consultation to take your creativity to the next level on Instagram.


Meet Darby Elizabeth: Capturing Relationships Gracefully

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On International Womens day, we’re celebrating the passion of insanely talented mum photographers.

Meet Darby Simon, winner of Dirt is Good Photography project!

Darby is a darling for her clients. Her interest in photography started as a teenager when her dad got her a film camera on her 16th birthday. She soon started learning the basics and experimented with different subjects.

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5 Instagram feeds you’ll love to browse this weekend!

If you’re a shutterbug yourself, chances are you are already following them. If not these are the Instagram profiles you need to follow for some serious inspiration.

A photo posted by Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage) on


Travel photographer with an ultimate style quotient

Jessica Stein, a 23 year old blogger from Australia believes that world is her oyster. It’s enthralling to see how she started documenting her European travels through her photographs and became an inspiration for many photographers, travel and style enthusiasts. She owns a Canon 5D Mark ||   Continue reading “5 Instagram feeds you’ll love to browse this weekend!”

5 unique Chinese New Year Images from around the world

Year of the Monkey just arrived and Chinese New Year images sprang up from every corner of the world. Photomoolah wishes you a new year full of prosperity and good luck! Here are the five Chinese New Year photos we loved on Instagram :

lovelimzy ’s Fruit-full New Year!

We love the amalgamation of art and photography here. A faux fruit tree placed over the mischievous monkeys is clearly a cute piece of art.