Foodie, artist, film maker : This woman is an amazing package!

We caught up with Diana Pallas, a French Food artist who loves to create stories through her videos. We bring to you a no filter interview with Diana who has worked with us to create videos for clients like Unilever.


When did you first become interested in food photography?
For me food it’s a great part of everybody’s life. First of all, it is one of the aspects most important of culture. No matter what type of celebration or who we are celebrating with, there is always a common theme: food is the main attraction! From catching up for coffee, relaxing over dinner with family, or chating with friends at a BBQ, for me it’s so hard to imagine getting together without the company of food. Other of my passion always has been photography. When I started to discover all those black and White photographies of cartien breson, diane arbus or elliot erwit, i was just so fascinated and amazed by them. So I guess becoming a food photographer was just so natural for me. It was the way to pair up my two favorites things, and make a living of it.

How did you land up with your first photography assignment?
When I realized that I wanted to become a professional food photographer, I started to took a lot of pictures for my portfolio, I wanted to be able to show what I was capable of. Even though I consider myself a good cook, I couldn’t get to do all those super nice dishes you often see on the cookbooks. So I decided to ask in some restaurants and cafes if I could shoot some of their dishes for free and since then there is no looking back.


Are you currently working on any personal projects?
Yes, I have a blog with a good friend of mines, Katharina Fitz (who also is a photographer). It’s been up already for years since we started this photography Project. With the aim of showing each one’s point of view and communicating through images, a specific subject is photographed in our own way and then fused together into one image. Right now we are working on a self portrait series.

photographie culinaire metz lorraine

Your food photos look beautiful but there must be a lot of effort that goes behind them ?
Yes, the behind the scene story is totally different. First of all I analyze the complexity of the project. Usually I get a idea of what style I want and I try to find the best ingredients and the best props. I love to work with local markets and shops, I like the personal approach and the quality of the products. I also get inspiration from all those food photography blogs and magazines

Any tips for upcoming food photographers?

If food photography is what you want to do, go ahead! Get to know your camera, because it is like your eye. Look at other photographers’ work and get inspired. Shoot in different ways, play with light, be true to yourself. If anybody asked me if there is any trick to what I do, the trick is that I love what I do.

We hope you’re inspired by Diana’s story ! Please share your best food photos with us at and we will feature them on our Facebook, Instagram.

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