Meet Darby Elizabeth: Capturing Relationships Gracefully

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On International Womens day, we’re celebrating the passion of insanely talented mum photographers.

Meet Darby Simon, winner of Dirt is Good Photography project!

Darby is a darling for her clients. Her interest in photography started as a teenager when her dad got her a film camera on her 16th birthday. She soon started learning the basics and experimented with different subjects.

Later she decided to improve her skills and become a professional photographer, but it wasn’t an easy journey. She set herself a goal of clicking and editing pictures on a daily basis. Slowly this became a habit and she started perfecting her skills with each passing day.

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She says,Working in a medium like photography, you have to be spot on with your technical skill so that you can focus on the human element.”

One of her biggest passions is reading. She believes that photography gives her the opportunity to bring a thought or vision to light.

She is a proud mother of four beautiful children and values her family above everything else. She is passionate about capturing relationships and how people interact with each other in her work.

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You can see her work at

These images are part of her work which was selected for Persil:

Each one of us has a way of looking at things and recognizing beauty when they see it. Like Darby, many of us wish to tell stories through pictures and have the skill of capturing beautiful themes, messages and situations.

If you really appreciate visual storytelling, you can start exploring the different facets of  photography today by creating a free portfolio here



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