What to post on Instagram: 8 ideas to spark inspiration today

Instagram isn’t just a go-to social network for individuals anymore. Wtih 500 million monthly active users marketeers are moving to this powerful visual social network to have their presence on. So what does this mean for a content creator like designer, illustrator , photographer or film maker? Interestingly, brands find value in collaborating with content creators on Instagram to bring their ideas to life on this creative platform where users want to see clutter breaking ad free content.

As a creative looking for collaboration opportunities on Instagram it is indeed critical to be authentic, cool and be able to create thumb stopping content through formats like photos, videos, GIFS. We’ve compiled a list of ideas to spark inspiration for your instagram photos –

1. I,me,myself – Instagram is a great platform for humanizing your creativity and keeping your personality intact. The pictures you share should reflect your online voice and even the emotion you want to share.


2. Repost from fans and followers – Some of the best photos you will find are often from your followers and supporters. Check out the posts people have tagged you in and if you like them do share them with your own followers. Not only this will make the poster feel great, it will also show that you’re open for cross collaborations.

3. Add some humour- The toughest skill today is to make people laugh and people are likely to enjoy and share your posts with others if you’re able to create content to match their mood. Check out how Daxon shares epic selfies with all sorts of creatures. 


4. Cool illustrations – Can’t take wow pictures ? No problem, Instagram is open for all types of artistic expressions. One way to stand out in a sea of images is to post a really cool, compelling illustration. Check out how this Indian SIngaporean artist creates visually stunning ink illustrations on absolutely any surface she gets hold of.  


5. Fun GIFS – GIFs are everywhere nowadays, and people love them because they help accurately convey ideas, messages, thoughts, and feelings in a snackable (and often laughable) way. On Instagram, you can upload a GIF just like you would a video.    


6.Crazy boomerang videos –  Remember doing rewind and forward with the music cassettes in your childhood ? The Boomerangs do exactly the same but to your videos. This trending format is making the internet go crazy. Download yours today and create something fun.


7. Creative collaborations – Know an artist who is creating something great ? The first step would be is to develop a relationship and genuinely love what they are doing. The next is to express your interest in collaboration and cross promote each other’s work to your audience.


8. Mosaics – Not many people are using this tactic but it’s really really cool for a visually orgasmic experience and give your followers a full flavour of what all you can do by using Instagram not just as a feed but more of a canvas.

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